A VAMED European Training Experience

To keep up to date with the newest techniques and technologies in rehabilitation, our team travelled to Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic to undergo rigorous further training in the VAMED offices over 21 days. With the one-to-one guidance from the highly experienced and distinguish physiotherapist, Michael Peroutka, our physiotherapist learnt and practiced several new techniques on numerous patients during their time there.

Praised as a very ‘hands-on’ learning experience, Mr. Jeetinder Singh was able to visit some of VAMED’s state-of-the-art facilities, to try out the latest equipment in rehabilitative technology including antigravity treadmills, mud therapy and even game therapy. In addition, they gained ample exposure to the ins and outs of therapies we, at Vitality Rehab, would also be providing such as ultrasound, electric and group therapy.

In spite of our physiotherapist being vastly experienced, they still regarded this program as a new and challenging experience. Completing with the upmost competence, our physiotherapists gain their BLACKROLL® and Vitality® Flossing certification, both extremely effective modern physiotherapy techniques. With new set of skills,   Mr. Jeetinder Singh looks forward to incorporating these techniques in our individually-tailored treatment plans when our clinic opens on Monday, September 25th 2017.