Visit Us for Physical Therapy Sessions to Recover From an Injury
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How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost per Visit?

During a single visit or session, the PT will assess your health and recommend an exercise plan to help you regain strength and start moving freely. Your therapist will also work to relieve your pain. You may use special equipment, including resistance bands, weights, treadmills and medicine balls. Keep in mind the cost will also depend on whether or not you have insurance.

The cost of physical therapy varies depending on whether your cost out of pocket payment or your health insurance covers the treatment.

The price for physical therapy usually includes the cost of initial assessment, the cost of using special equipment and the type of condition being treated. You’ll also need to know the total number of therapy sessions your therapist offers before you can estimate the complete cost of treatment.

Treatment Plans

When you visit us for assessment and treatment, you’ll be taking an active part in your physical therapy and wellbeing. When we first meet, we’ll ask you about events or habits that have led to your injury, and we’ll find out from you what outcome you hope to achieve through treatment. During the course of your physiotherapy, we’ll also probably need you to do exercise at home between visits, to increase strength, stretch tight areas and promote healing.

Components of Care

Physiotherapy consists of many components of care to promote recovery: manual therapy, exercise, education and a home program, along with modalities such as laser, ultrasound and electronic interventions. Using comprehensive, evidence-based treatment practices, we implement personalized treatment programs that are specific to individual patient needs, and designed to restore and maintain physical function.